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ALS Life Sciences Europe is your reliable partner for chemical analysis of environmental samples; soil, water, biota, emissions and waste, food, pharmaceuticals, consumer products and others. ALS offers a broad portfolio of tests including microbiology, organic contaminants, metals and isotopes.

With nearly 13 000 staff, ALS is one of the largest laboratory groups globally. In Europe, more than 3000 people are employed by the companies Life Sciences division that includes all the laboratories for testing of Food, Pharmaceutical and Environmental samples. We are represented in 15 countries on the continent and continue to grow.

ALS Life Sciences in Europe operate a HUB and Spoke model where central laboratories are receiving samples from all over the continent. Locally there are smaller laboratories and service centres where time sensitive parameters are tested and client service provided by staff with local knowledge.

Our main laboratories are located in Prague, Czech Republic, Hawarden, UK and Copenhagen, Denmark.

ALS first entered the Israeli market in 2001 predominately as a service provider for client requesting testing for dioxins. Since then ALS has built a reputation as the preferred supplier of complex testing in the country while at the same time expanded the service offering to include testing of food and pharmaceutical products.

We are proud to say that ALS has been an important partner in several large environmental projects in the country and that several of the larger pharmaceutical companies are trusting ALS to test their products in accordance with the highly demanding legislation.

ALS is represented in Israel through an agent, KTE Co., Technologies&Enterprises.

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