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May 11, 2015

ALS Environmental have been confirmed as the main sponsor for the 13th Annual International AquaConSoil Conference which will be taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark between the 9th and 12th June 2015. The conference will be running with four key themes throughout the three days, these are:

  1. Dealing with contamination of soil groundwater and sediment 

  2. Soil, groundwater and sediment in the biobased, circular economy

  3. Managing multiple functions of the subsurface

  4. The role of the subsurface in climate change adaption

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The conference will provide an opportunity for ALS to showcase our European capabilites, with experts on hand to discuss:

Topic Brief Synopsis
Advanced Isotope Testing

Isotope ratios are recognised investigation methods for environmental consultants across a broad spectrum of sectors including geology and tracing of pollution or exposure sources. ALS employ the latest analytical technology and instruments (MC-ICP-MS and HR-ICP-MS) to deliver the right solution with high precision in this specialist field.

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MALDI-ToF Confirmations

The MALDI-ToF can analyse any bacteriological colony and provide an instant confirmation of both the Genus and in over 98% of environmental samples a full species identification. ALS report
Legionella positive results on the day of the read saving clients 2 days essentially removing the presumptive stage of confirmation. 

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Risk Assessment Using Ecotoxicity

As a compliment to targeted chemical testing, ecotoxicity tests give a direct response on how pollutants affect aquatic and terrestrial
organisms. ALS reports EC50 / IC50 values for a number of test species in accordance with European legislation and clients´ specific requests.

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Gross Alpha and Gross Beta activity form part of the Drinking Water
analysis suite that is legislated throughout Europe. Utilising HR gamma
Spectrometery ALS are able to provide a broad range of
natural and artificial radionuclitides to potentially help identify the
source of contamination.

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Metal Speciation

By employing the novel approach of chromatographic instrumentation
coupled to an ICP-MS instrument, ALS are able to offer Speciation of
Tin, Arsenic, Selenium and Methyl Mercury to comply with a range of
legislations and regulations across Europe.

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OnSite Analytical Tools

By using OnSite Tools such as portable XRF and SiteLAB 3100D customers can acquire a quick and clear understanding of contamination potential deliniation of such with a strong correlation with laboratory analysis. 

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Unique Capabilites in POPS Testing

ALS are able to offer a spectrum of analysis including 210 PCDD/F
congeners, 209 PCB congeners and Brominated Flame Retardants from
our dedicated POPs laboratory. With 6 HR-GC-MS instruments you can
be sure that ALS will deliver the right solutions on time every time.

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