ALS Life Sciences Europe

ALS Life Sciences in Europe employs over 3000 professional laboratory and support personnel in 50 locations across 15 countries. The European network consists of modern, analytical, ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and national service centers. Main laboratories are located in the Czech Republic, Sweden, United Kingdom, Turkey, Portugal, Italy and Denmark. National service centers and smaller laboratories are located in Norway, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Ireland, Austria and Spain.

While varying in size and capability, the laboratories perform an extensive range of physical, chemical, microbiological, biological, radiological and ecotoxicological analyses to meet the needs of local and regional clients.

Inter-laboratory support and courier arrangements facilitate timely access to the full range of services and on-time delivery of results.

Our primary objective at ALS is to assist our clients in making informed decisions by consistently providing reliable and reproducible analytical data of the highest integrity. We also appreciate that our services include more than laboratory results. ALS staff are trained to give advice on sampling plans, scope and frequency of analysis and assist in interpreting results. We aim to become a trusted partner to all our clients, being convenient to work with and providing the right solutions.

ALS Life Sciences Europe has, besides the main production laboratories, a number of laboratories dedicated to specialty services and industrial applications. These laboratories utilise the latest high-resolution technology in order to meet very stringent demands from worldwide clients.

In Sweden, ALS operates the best equipped laboratory, globally, for determination of metals (elements). Examples of analyses include chemical composition, impurities, and stable as well as radiogenic isotopes.
In the Czech Republic, ALS offers analysis of ultra-trace level organic compounds (e.g. pesticides, hormones, PFOS/PFOA, dioxins, PCB and PBDE). These services are also offered by our UK laboratory, which, in addition to trace level chemistry, also offer rapid identification of microbiological parameters using the revolutionary MALDI-ToF confirmation technique. Special services related to radiology and ecotoxicology are offered at our dedicated site in the Czech Republic.

All of our laboratories have a vast wealth of experience from a broad portfolio of matrices including environmental, food, and pharmaceuticals along with clinical, specialised industrial and research applications.