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ALS Technical Experts

Apr 10, 2017

Our client service teams across Europe are there to answer questions from clients, however, sometimes there are questions of a nature that require additional technical expertise and we are therefore glad to present the “Technical Experts”.

Morten Christensen, Sales & Marketing Manager for Europe comments:

Within ALS there is a wealth of knowledge about environmental topics. Most of this knowledge sits within our client service teams but ALS also employs a number of technical experts that can add value to clients with questions of a more specific or technical nature.

I realize that we can improve the access clients have to this knowledge base and I hope by launching this initiative, clients will be able to benefit to a larger extent from the technical intellect within ALS.

I am confident that clients will find this a convenient way of getting in touch with some of the most knowledgeable people within the industry.

To ask a question to one of our experts, simply go to the “Technical Experts” section of our website, choose the expert covering your field and post your questions. We aim to get an answer back to you as soon as possible keeping in mind that more complex issues may require some additional time.