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ALS obtains accreditation for Uranium and Thorium isotopes in water

May 30, 2017

ALS is pleased to announce that our laboratory in Luleå has recently been granted accreditation for the testing of Thorium and Uranium isotopes in water using ICP-MS, in accordance with ISO 17294.

The accreditation is valid for all water matrices and the method is set up to meet demands of both local and European legislation.

Emma Engström, R&D Manager at ALS Scandinavia comments:

We have seen a growing demand from clients to get the testing of isotopes accredited, especially after the inclusion of Uranium isotopes in the European Drinking Water Directive, Testing of Uranium isotopes have been a part of our portfolio for the last 15 years, something that helped us accelerate the accreditation process. We now have a very attractive product considering our experience with testing of these isotope systems and the number of instruments available in the laboratory, 13 ICP-SFMS. The number of instruments available means that we very rarely have issues with delayed samples as there will always be other instruments acting as back-up in case of instrument failure.

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