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Directive (2013/51/Euratom)

Sep 6, 2016

Radiology testing employeeALS offers analytical suites that comply with the demands in the Euratom Directive of 22nd October 2013 for testing of radioactive substances in water.

The Euratom directive stipulates “requirements for monitoring levels of radioactive substances in water intended for human consumption”. Each member state should, according to the directive, “establish monitoring programmes to check that the water intended for human consumption meets the requirements of the directive”.

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In the directive there are references to both acceptable levels for specific parameters and frequency of testing. However, the directive also gives member states the possibility to make individual judgements on the mentioned level and testing frequencies.

Parametric values for radium, tritium and ID (Indicative Dose) from the directive are shown below:


Parametric value



100 Bq/l

May be changed by individual member states


100 Bq/l


ID (Indicative Dose)

0.10 mSv


*For Radon 222 levels above 1000 Bq/l remedial action is deemed justified

** Elevated levels of tritium may indicate presence of other artificial radionuclides. If tritium levels are found to exceed the parametric value an analysis of other artificial radionuclides shall be required

The full directive can be found here.