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EU limits on vitamins and minerals in food supplements and fortified foods in the pipeline

Jun 28, 2021

At its plenary meeting on 7 May, the DG SANTE Advisory Group updated the road map for the establishment of maximum levels for vitamins and minerals in foods.

The draft regulation - expected to set both the maximum and the minimum amounts for vitamins and minerals - should be up for comments later this year and enter force in 2024.

At present, there are no binding maximum and minimum levels for the ingredients of foodsupplements and fortified foods valid across the European Union. Some EU countries apply their national limits and guidelines such as the recently updated recommendations of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) or the draft regulation in Sweden.

ALS laboratories offer a wide scope of accredited analyses of vitamins in food, dietary supplements, cosmetics and food for special dietary needs. We are ready to assist with both the regulatory compliance and internal quality requirements.

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