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Laboratoarele Tonnie part of ALS Group

Apr 2, 2015

We are very glad to announce that Tonnie laboratories are now part of ALS Group.

Tonnie is a Romanian based analytical laboratory and is one of the major commercial environmental laboratories in Romania. The previous owner of Tonnie, Mr. Serban Ionescu Homoriceanu, is remaining with ALS as Country Manager of the business.

The acquisition of Tonnie will provide ALS with the opportunity to expand our operations in Romania with a strong focus on the life sciences market and help build our overall presence in Europe. Tonnie laboratory is a provider of waste, soil, water and air testing services to a broad customer base comprising manufacturers, industrial companies, food and agro companies as well as environmental consultants and has earned an outstanding reputation.

To take advantage of our new capabilities in Romania, visit and contact our local team at or do not hesitate to contact our international team at