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Nutritional parameters remain a lively topic

Apr 14, 2021

Only recently, the European Commission launched a public consultation on the Nutri-Score rating system, within the Farm to Fork strategy.

This initiative seeks to make it easier for consumers to eat healthier by creating nutrient profiles with thresholds for nutrients such as fats, sugars or salt. A harmonized mandatory nutrition labelling on the front pack may follow.

ALS Czech offer a complete scope of analytical services to food manufacturers, wholesalers, retail chains and horeca industries.


ALS laboratories perform accredited analyses to ensure compliance with the EU labelling requirements, especially the Regulation No. 1169/2011, on the provision of food information to consumers.

Nutritional parameters can be determined separately or in nutritional packages, such as BIG 7 or BIG 8.


Detailed nutritional package – BIG 8

  • Energy value
  • Fat content
  • Fatty acids - SAFA, MUFA, PUFA, Omega 3, 6
  • Carbohydrates (sugars)
  • Dietary fibre
  • Protein
  • Salt equivalent
  • Moisture / Dry matter
  • Ash content
  • Sodium

Why ALS?

  • Online access to the results via our web-based platform
  • Experienced staff and state-of-the-art instruments
  • Sufficient capacity and a rapid turnaround
  • Reliability and accuracy of results confirmed via Regular Proficiency Test evaluations

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