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Radiology testing

Jul 1, 2016

Radiology testing in food and environmental samples includes testing for both natural and man-made radioisotopes (radionuclides). ALS has built up a substantial expertise and analytical portfolio over the last 20 years within the field of radiology. This allows us as an organisation to provide an excellent service for the analytical requirements requested by our global client list.

Olivier Lecot Business Development Manager from ALS comments:

In order for us to offer a complete portfolio of radiology testing we have 2 dedicated radiological laboratories with different instrumentation. One of our laboratories are focused on analysing stable isotopes using ICP-MS technique while the other radiological laboratory are using different types of scintillation emanometers or counters and gamma spectrometers to measure both stable and short lived radioisotopes.

The service offering from ALS stretches from standard testing of Radon in water to more complex radioisotopes systems such as lead 210 (210Pb), strontium 90 (90Sr) or thorium 232 (232Th). While many of the request sent to our laboratories are for testing in water and food, the capabilities also includes solid matrices such as soil and sediment or indeed building materials.