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Stable Isotope Analysis

Apr 27, 2016

ALS laboratory in Luleå, Sweden has a unique position as a leading global provider of stable isotope analysis. This position has been achieved by offering a premium service to clients globally over the last two decades.

Robert Omberg from ALS Scandinavia comments:

We have developed a portfolio of analytical services that were initially directed towards research societies and universities into a commercial product. The key behind this development has been a flexible approach to deliverables such as turn-around time, precision and reporting formats to fit individual clients needs while keeping the position as a preferred supplier to the scientific community.

The instrument park at the laboratory consists of 2 MC-ICP-MS instruments and 14 HR-ICP-MS (ICP-SFMS) instruments all placed in clean room conditions. This configuration provides clients with a number of options to choose from and the experienced staff will always try to find solutions to satisfy each individual client’s needs.

In addition to more standardized products like Pb isotope ratios the laboratory offers isotope analysis for the majority of stable isotopes where there is a commercial or scientific interest.

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