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Waste and Fuels catalogue available - Laboratory Analytical Services at a glance.

Jan 11, 2016

Nowadays waste testing is a burning topic!

ALS Environmental in Europe proposes analytical solutions for this particular segment to industrial operators, waste management companies, waste transformers and to Public Authorities, to mention but a few.

The catalogue is augmented by a specific chapter dedicated to analytical determinations in solid and liquid fuels and waste for burning purposes.


Waste acceptance criteria analysis – Inert waste Ecotoxicity tests PCDD/F (dioxins and furans)
Waste acceptance criteria analysis – Non-hazardous waste Asbestos Quality characteristics of fuels
Waste acceptance criteria analysis – hazardous waste Tests for Biowaste Gross and net calorific values
Determinations for Waste spread on land/agricultural soil Respiration activity test Emission factors

Let´s discover the catalogue together. Read online and do not hesitate to contact us!