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Availability over the festive season

Dec 1, 2023

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you about the availability of our services over the forthcoming festive season.

With regard to the long Christmas weekend, we will have minor restrictions in the laboratories:

  • We will provide the determination of specific pathogens (Vibrio, Campylobacter, Shigella, Yersinia, Cronobacter) by the detection method until Friday 15.12.2023, then on 27.12.2023.
  • We will provide the determination of pathogens (Salmonella, Listerie, Enterobacteriaceae, E.coli) by the detection method until Tuesday 19.12.2023, then on 27.12.2023.
  • All count methods will be performed without restriction until Friday 22.12.2023.
  • The TAT for subcontracted analyzes may be longer, regarding to the limited operation of the subcontracted laboratories.

The date of the analyzes will be determined with regard to the above information.

For more information, please contact our client service at +420 226 226 998 or

Thank you for your understanding.
Food Laboratory