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Safety as a priority produces results - LTIFR down to 0.97

Oct 21, 2016

Safety as a priority” is one of the core values of ALS. ALS has therefore defined a 13 point “foundation standard” setting out the company’s expectations with regard to working safety which all ALS staff are required to comply with. ALS monitors its safety performance in a number of ways however one of the central KPI’s is LTIFR (Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate). ALS current LTIFR is 0.97 - well below the average of the top 100 ASX companies at 2.7.



Greg Kilmister, CEO of ALS Limited comments:

When talking to our staff I always describe safety as a journey.  A journey without an end destination as safety is truly about hard work and continuous improvement.  A decade ago our LTIFR was 9.10 and just five years ago it was 2.85.  We have made great progress on that journey and are well ahead of most other companies. Our record is something to take pride in and to celebrate but we cannot become complacent because the journey never ends. We can, and must, always do better.

We state that our goal is to ensure that everyone finishes every workday without suffering any harm. Let's make sure that goal is a reality.