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Scanning electronic microscope (SEM) for the determination of asbestos

Jan 10, 2019

ALS Czech Republic's Laboratories  invested in the acquisition of a TESCAN VEGA 3 scanning electron microscope (SEM) last year. Currently, we would like to introduce you to its possibilities in the field of asbestos determination.

The determination of asbestos by SEM is much more accurate and simple due to greater magnification compared to the optical microscope. An electron microscope equipment enables our laboratories to extend existing asbestos analyzes from solid materials (especially building structures) to air and working environments. Most current legislation, which set hygienic limits of chemical, physical and biological indicators for indoor living rooms of some buildings, state an upper limit of 1000 asbestos and mineral fibers per cubic metre (m3).

Along with the development of new technologies, there is a pressure to get known exactly, how many of the fibers are positively asbestos from the results of the analyzes. Optical microscopy does not allow this asbestos measurement, whereas our electronic microscope determines the type of fiber by using an energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS), which provides a fiber composition for each fiber and allows identification of fibers and determination of the number of asbestos fibers in the air.

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