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This orderpage is intended for order of bulk equipment on pallet shipment. If you would like to order your bottles in ready packet boxes, please ensure to choose the shipment option below.


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Enter amount for container type: Unit 60ml 100ml 125ml 150ml 250ml 500ml 1000ml Price:
Plastic bottle (HDPE, PET) for inorganic parameters -
Plastic bottle (HDPE) for metals incl. Hg -
Plastic bottle (HDPE) for TOC -
Plastic bottle (HDPE) for T-PO4, COD, NH4, TKN -
Plastic bottle (HDPE) for Cyanides -
Plastic bottle (HDPE) for Cr VI -
Plastic bottle (HDPE) for SO3 -
Plastic bottle (HDPE) BrO3-, ClO3-, ClO2- -
Plastic bottle (HDPE) for H2S -
Glass bottle for organic parameters -
Glass vial
Glass vial for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) preservative NaHSO4
Glass vial for pesticides (green cap) Na2S2O3.5H2O
Glass bottle for Phenol Index
Sterile bottle for microbiological analyses
Glass bottle for AOX (HNO3)

Glass bottle for aggressive CO2
Glass jar for soil and solid samples 150g -
Plastic box for soil and solid samples 1kg
Plastic box for soil and solid samples 5kg
Sterile bottle for microbiological analysis for soil and sludge
Plastic bottle for radon - 330ml PET
Optional equipment only for pallet shipment:
Large box system
Large Transport Box -
ALS Cool Kit - Large Soft Cooling Bag -
Transport box insert 6x1000ml -
Transport box insert 11x500ml -
Transport box insert 24x250ml -
Small box system  
Small Transport Box -
ALS Cool Kit - Small Soft Cooling Bag
Small Transport box insert 2 x 1L -
Additional equipment:  
Insert for 4 vials -
Ice pack -
Extra sample labels

If you are having issues with the order form, please contact us at or +420 226 226 228