Reports and deliverables PHARMA

Sample receipt notification

Sample Receipt Notification (SRN) is issued after receiving the samples in laboratory. Sample Receipt Notification is sent and delivered by e-mail, in pdf file.

This notification includes information as follows:

  • client and deliverables details
  • receiving date
  • sample specification
  • number of samples
  • required analyses
  • turnaround time
  • internal ALS work-order number

Turnaround time

Our Standard Turnaround Time (TAT) is 7-10 working days from receipt of samples to final certificate. Turnaround time, for workorders containing microbiological testing, is specified by the parameter with the longest technological term.

Chain of Custody must be delivered together with the samples, it could be sent by e-mail, too.

Turnaround time for dioxins analysis is 10 working days. An extended turnaround time for some parameters may occur in some instances due to the technical limitations of the analysis.

Express analyses must always be arranged with laboratory prior to despatch.


Results are reported as the Certificate of Analysis, by e-mail. Certificates of Analysis can be sent in the following languages: English, German, Polish. All documents (SRN, Certificate of Analyses, Invoices) are sent only to contacts registered in our client database. Electronic deliverables can be sent to multiple contacts simultaneously.

On-line access to the results

WebtrieveTM has been developed by ALS to provide clients with a web-based tool to make project management easier. As a direct link to the ALS EnviroLIMS database, it allows users real-time access to their data and the complete work order history source.

WebtrieveTM has a number of key features:               

  • Real-time internet access to analytical results
  • Remote downloading of analytical reports
  • Access to QC results
  • Tools for data management, such as merging multiple work orders and comparison of results against guidelines.
  • Access to analytical method summaries
  • Online sample container requests
  • Online quotation requests
  • Online dispatch notices