pesticide residue analysis

Pesticide residue analysis if often required to ensure that water is safe for consumption, land is suitable for development or to monitor the “chemical status” of an area.

Choosing the correct pesticide or pesticide residue to test for can often be challenging. To make the process more convenient for clients ALS have developed packages that correspond to national as well as European requirements. In addition clients can create bespoke packages or pick individual compounds from an extensive list. If a large number of pesticides have been used in an area or there is limited historical data available, a "screening package" may offer a good option. A screening package will give information on the presence of several hundred of the most commonly found substances.

A newly developed “Pesticide Library” can be found here. In the library you can search for and chose pesticides based on name, CAS-number or commercial name. Once you have chosen the pesticides you are interested in you can then forward the list to ALS and receive a quotation for the testing, typically within 24 hours.

To ensure the quality of testing performed in our laboratories is robust, all ALS laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025 by their national accreditation bodies. The laboratories are equipped with the latest instrumentation available and ALS currently operates more than 10 of the latest LC-MS-MS instruments and 8 GC-MS-MS instruments, predominately used for pesticide residue analysis. You can read more about our analytical methods here.