Drinking water testing


In addition to an extensive list of microbiological parameters the capabilities of ALS Europe includes all of the required chemical parameters that needs testing in accordance with European legislation or WHO guidelines. Haloacetic acids, pesticides and chlorophenols, to mention a few, are all part of our standard offering. We have tailor made packages for e.g. the water directive 98/83/EC, the World Health Organisation’s guidelines for drinking water and for national legislation.



Example of basic package for drinking water testing:

Analyte Analyte Analyte Analyte
Odour Colour (True) Electrical Conductivity at 25°C pH Value
Taste Turbidity    
Abiosestone-triptone Enterococci Microorganism cultivated at 22°C Living organisms
Clostridium Perfringens Escherichia coli Microorganism cultivated at 36°C Number of organisms
Coliform Bacteria      
Aluminium Calcium Manganese Calcium Hardness
Antimony Copper Mercury Magnesium Hardness
Arsenic Chromium Nickel Hardness
Beryllium Iron Selenium  
Boron Lead Silver  
Cadmium Magnesium Sodium  
Inorganic compounds
Ammonia and ammonium ions Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD-Mn) Nitrates Total Cyanide
Bromates Chloride Nitrites Total Organic Carbon
Fluoride Chlorite Sulphate as SO4 2-  
Volatile organic compounds
1.2-Dichloroethane Ethylbenzene Tetrachloroethene Sum of 4 Trihalomethanes
Benzene Chloroform Toluene Sum of BTEX
Bromodichloromethane meta- & para-Xylene Trichloroethene Sum of Trichloroethene and Tetrachloroethene
Bromoform ortho-Xylene Vinyl chloride Sum of xylenes