Waste water testing


Parameters related to testing of wastewater are normally regulated by national legislations. The parameters tested may differ based on the origin of wastewater (e.g. household or industrial sources) or to what recipient the wastewater is discharged.  ALS Environmental provides specific packages to clients from different EU member States and non-member states. For standard wastewater testing, there are often a limited number of parameters required for each sample. For convenience we have made packages out of the most frequently asked parameters with an option to add other as per clients’ request.


Example of package for wastewater testing:

Analyte Analyte Analyte Analyte
Chromium Arsenic Mercury Zinc
Cadmium Nickel Lead Copper
Hexavalent Chromium - Soluble    
Other compounds
Ammonia and ammonium ions Easily released cyanides Total Cyanide Nitrate as N
Ammonia as N Fixed dissolved solids @ 550°C Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen as N Nitrates
Anionic Surfactants as MBAS Suspended solids dried at 105 °C Total Nitrogen as N Nitrite as N
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD 5) Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD-Cr) Total Phosphorus as P Nitrites
Total Extractable Compounds pH Value   Nitrite + Nitrate as N
TPH C10 - C40 Fraction Salmonella