ALS Life Sciences is one of Europes leading laboratory groups for the testing of environmental, pharmaceutical and food samples. By combining a comprehensive portfolio of tests with a strong focus on service and on-line presence we have achieved an enviable reputation as the laboratory of choice.

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Sediment analysis

Mar 20, 2023
Sediment analysis is a valuable tool for assessing the impact of human activity on the aquatic environment, as it can provide a long-term record of environmental conditions and help to identify trends over time.... Read more »

EU amended the maximum levels for dioxins and PCBs

Nov 21, 2022
The European Commission has recently amended its regulations on maximum levels for dioxins and dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in certain foods.... Read more »

Cereals and Pulses Safety and Quality Assurance

Nov 15, 2022
Cereals, pulses, and products thereof are consumed in large quantities worldwide and their popularity is increasing as consumers seek natural, healthier, more sustainable alternatives to animal-based foods.... Read more »

ALS in europe

ALS Life Sciences in Europe employs over 3000 professional laboratory and support personnel in 50 locations across 15 countries. The European network consists of modern, analytical, ISO 17025 accredited laboratories and national service centers. Main laboratories are located in the Czech Republic, Sweden, United Kingdom, Turkey, Portugal, Italy and Denmark. National service centers and smaller laboratories are located in Norway, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Ireland, Austria and Spain.



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