Source of dioxins

Dioxin testing in an accredited laboratory places stringent demands on the laboratory, both instruments and facilities, but most importantly on the laboratory staff.


To be able to build one of the most sophisticated laboratories in Europe, ALS has chosen to perform all testing of dioxins at one dedicated facility located in the Czech Republic. Here, in the heart of Europe, we employ some of the most experienced scientists in the field of dioxin testing under the leadership of Miloslav Sebranek. The staff in the laboratory has more than 100 years of combined experience in the field.


To meet demands from clients and legislation instrumental, detection power and selectivity is crucial. Therefore, the laboratory is equipped with the latest high-resolution instrumentation, allowing us to report down to ppt and even ppq levels routinely. However, for the instrumentation to perform to the best of its potential the environment in which the instrumentation is placed in needs to be strictly controlled. This includes air entering the laboratory being passed through filters to keep contamination from the outside to a minimum and instrumentation kept at constant temperature e.g.  20 0C +/- 1 0C

The combination of experienced staff and state of the art facilities has given ALS laboratory for dioxin testing in Europe an enviable reputation for  its quality and service level. Not only is the laboratory attracting samples from Europe, clients from other continents such as Asia and Americas are submitting samples on a regular basis confirming the laboratory´s place at the pinnacle globally.