What are your methods, turnaround time, and pricing for dioxin testing?

We can test PCDD/F analytes by different methods, but typically EPA Method 1613 is used.

The analysis will give you results for the 17 toxic dioxins and furans and provides a lowerbound and upperbound Toxicity Equivalence Quantity (TEQ) for each sample. We report the 210 PCDD/F according to their chlorination level.

The standard turnaround time (TAT) is 10 days upon notice of sample arrival at the laboratory. Contact the laboratory if faster TATs are needed. We will be glad to help you with your challenge: customer.support@alsglobal.com or +420 226 226 228.

Since pricing varies, please contact us for a quick and precise quote.


How can we ship our samples since we are based in another country, what is the usual transport delay? 

The European ALS Centre of Excellence for POPs analysis is running projects in different European countries, but also worldwide in countries such as Norway, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Australia and Canada to mention only a few.

We are able to assist you in shipping your samples from almost any country in the world. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you with shipment resolution at customer.support@alsglobal.com or +420 226 226 228.

The transport time from your location to our Centre of Excellence depends on the distance, but for Europe, the usual transport delay is 1 day, for the rest of the world, the shipment generally lasts 1 to 3 days.


How can I ask for a quote ?

You can ask for a quote very simply by contacting our client service, specialised in these questions at +420 226 226 228 or at customer.support@alsglobal.com .

You can also fulfill the contact formulaire. Your request will be processed very fast.

Please fulfil the maximum of information about your project. You will help us a lot to precisely answer to your needs, in technical matters and in price manners. Thank you.